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Since 1995, ATC has been serving leading libraries in various areas of collection development. Our regional coverage includes all the countries and languages of the FSU as well as Poland, and covers all media including books, periodicals, videos, and ephemera. In addition, we offer a number of special services for libraries, including the following:

Online ordering and collection development tools:

Receive MARC records. Use your web page to retrieve MARC records for all your ordered books. This easy and convenient system allows you to load hundreds of MARC records directly into your system with one quick touch of a button! And don't worry about compatibility: ATC customizes each library's web site according to the particular ordering system, software, and preferences. Nothing could be easier than receiving bibliographic records this way. And best of all, it is completely free! Try it today and see how much time and effort it saves you.

Check order status. Want to see whether the orders you placed have been received? Simply log into your web page and retrieve information about all outstanding orders, including orders sent by mail!

Obtain statistical information. Want to know how much money you have spent on Estonian books this year? Need to check the average price of books received from ATC? Looking for a breakdown of your purchases by time period, language, or country? Your custom web page lets you obtain all this and more!

Send special requests. Your custom web page lets you order more than just the titles you find online. Do you have a search request for an out-of-print or hard-to-find book? Simply log in to your web page, tell us what you are looking for, and your request is instantly transferred to our corporate office and all of our 28 overseas offices!

For more information, or to receive your own customized web page, please
contact ATC.

Approval plans

ATC offers approval plans of any size or scope, covering any and all of the countries in which we operate. We have years of experience serving leading libraries through approval plans of all sizes and shapes. Our knowledgeable staff can help facilitate your collection development by tailoring our approval plan coverage to your particular collection development needs. Our approval plans also save you money! All approval plans, regardless of size or scope, come with a 15% discount. For more information about our approval plan coverage, and to receive references from satisfied approval plan libraries, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

Multimedia vendor

ATC is committed to offering the very best and broadest possible coverage of the region. This means that we do not limit our offerings to books, but also provide comprehensive periodical coverage. With over 4,000 periodical titles, we are the most comprehensive Eurasian periodical distributor on the market. We also provide back issues when requested and whenever available. And we can hunt down hard-to-find titles for you. Best of all: with prices guaranteed to be lower than those of any other North American vendor, we can help bring you significant savings. Why pay twice the price with other vendors when instead you can receive our periodicals at reasonable rates, with impeccable service? What could make more sense than that?

MARC records

Bibliographic records in MARC format are available with all books provided by ATC. These are issued free of charge upon request, and are available with any book we distribute . Our MARC records, which are created according to AACR2 standards by professionally trained catalogers, adhere to the highest standards of quality. These records can be used by both acquisitions departments and cataloging departments to decrease processing time for books acquired from ATC. Receive our MARC records on disk, with your shipments, or through our website at the time of ordering. Now you can upload our records into your system with one touch of a button! See for yourself what other leading libraries have known for years: that ATC MARC records save you time and money, freeing up your resources for more important work.

Special requests/Searches

Do you have a hard-to-find search request? Let our experienced overseas staff hunt it down for you. We offer this service at no extra charge, and our network of publishers and used book stores gives us a high success rate in our searches for hard to find or out of print books.

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